This iced coffee has become my summer staple.  I was originally put off by the idea of the sweetened condensed milk because 1) it just didn’t sound appetizing and 2) I was imagining the mess of pouring it out of the can and then having to figure out how to store the rest.  However, Trader Joes came to my rescue and offers it in a squeeze bottle.  It’s genius.  No mess, easy to store and it is the perfect sweetener.  Who knew? 

A Sprouts Market just opened in Petaluma and I’m obsessed. I’m going to sound like a commercial but their produce prices are amazing!  I get oddly excited when the sale paper comes and then I just start exclaiming “What?!  49 cents a pound for peaches?!  Blackberries for a dollar?!”  

Making this grilled veggie/goat cheese sandwich…a lot.  I highly recommend it. 

Just finished a summer study going through Undaunted by Christine Caine.  The tag line for the study is “Daring to do what God calls you to do.”   The Lord used this book to point out to me that I like my comfort zone way too much.  When it comes to helping/serving people I am all for it, unless it’s uncomfortable.  These words were convicting to me, in reference to the Good Samaritan…”The only difference between the Samaritan and the religious people was that the Samaritan actually crossed the street…Compassion is only an emotion – until you cross the street.  Compassion means action.  You go to them.” 

Walk/Jogged a 3k with my friend on July 4th.  It was such a fun race to be a part of.  Apparently, it’s the oldest race in California.  It was in the gorgeous town of Kenwood and we were jogging through the vineyards and past adorable houses that all had flower boxes, shutters and horses.  Everything was super festive and patriotic.  We were keeping pace with this man who was at least 70 years old and I kept thinking that I would be happy if I could just beat him.  Well, that didn’t happen 🙂  Next time.


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