A whole bunch of random


I’ve had a lot of joy-filled days/events/moments this month:

The wedding of two friends.  Jen & I went to Uganda together in 2009 and Chris is part of the ministry team that we were there to serve alongside. Well, 4 years later, after having to jump through many, many hoops to get Chris to the States, they are married!  I loved everything about the ceremony.  Half in English, half in Luganda. The ring bearers carried little African drums down the aisle. Chris’ mom played the drums and let a worship song in Luganda. Yummy food and a fun table of friends at the reception.

Jen & Chris

Courtney and I went to see Brian Regan.   He definitely doesn’t disappoint.   Courtney originally left the tickets at home and when we went back to get them, she realized she didn’t have her keys. Instead of being helpful, I took pictures.




The Apple Blossom parade. It’s tradition. It confirms that Sebastopol really is the quirkiest of towns. This is my roomie walking with her nieces in the parade.


My Mom’s pic she sent me and my sisters of her lovely breakfast.
She wrote “notice the mint in the ice water”


Erin sent back this pick and said “I see your mint and I raise you an orange slice” 🙂


This print.  I absolutely love it.  I have an empty frame that I’ve been wanting to fill and I think it will be perfect!


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  1. I loved all the randomness of this post. I realize I need to be careful what I “say” or “do” picture wise or note wise when I mail you something. It may get published! Us Jackson women certainly are Unique! Humm… wonder where that comes from?

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