Almost There

  • Complete my March, AprilMay & June Project Life spreads
  • Reach my savings goal
  • Come up with a scripture memory system that works for me.  
  • Make something with my thrift store picture frame.  .
  • Renew my library card
  • Have company over for dinner
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Clean out all the unused clothes in my closet
  • Learn how to use Skype…and convince Erin to do the same 
  • Jog a 5k with Erin

1 biggie left.  Jogging that darn 5k.  We didn’t do it at the end of May because we weren’t able to find a race over the weekend we were together BUT we are signed up to jog the Simi Valley Days 5k in September.  So, I won’t be fitting that one in before my birthday but it will still happen. terrified. 

I have something that might make my training and the end result a little sweeter.  My friends, Brooke & Thomas, have decided to pursue an international adoption which I am SO excited about!  I am so passionate about adoption and orphan care and I immediately wanted to do what I could to offer support.  Adoption can be EXPENSIVE and they are not currently in a financial position to take on the large cost that international adoption requires but they aren’t letting that stop them.  They believe that the Lord is calling them to pursue this path and that He will provide the funds. 

Erin & I decided that we would love to use our September race to raise funds for the Kline family and their future child! I’m including a portion of their prayer letter so you can get a feel for who they are and their heart behind the decision.


For many months now we have been discussing the possibility of growing our family through adoption.  Only recently did the Lord bring us to the same place and lead us toward international adoption.  Through much prayer we both believe very strongly that the Lord is calling us to take literally and seriously James 1:27 and the many other commands just like it in God’s Word, to take care of the orphans.  For those of you familiar with the adoption process, it can be long and costly to bring an orphan into their “forever family.”
We need quite a bit monetarily to even begin the two to three year process of bringing our child home.  We completely believe that the Lord will provide all the funds we need and His timing will be perfect…”   

Would you be willing to partner with me??  Would you be willing to sponsor me in this run??  I would like to take pledges now and I won’t collect on the pledges until the race is finished.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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