30 is a comin’


I’m generally against these types of goal lists, the ones that have a hard deadline.  Too much pressure!  I usually make a short list at the New Year but those goals are more like “spend more time outside”…somewhat vague.  But this year, I turn 30.  I know that 30 isn’t earth shattering but I just feel this push to accomplish a few specific things before July 12th comes.    Here’s the list:

  • Complete my March, April, May & June Project Life spreads
  • Reach my savings goal
  • Come up with a scripture memory system that works for me.  Any ideas?
  • Make something with my thrift store picture frame.  I love it but haven’t found good placement for it yet.
  • Renew my library card
  • Have company over for dinner
  • Plant an herb garden
  • Clean out all the unused clothes in my closet
  • Learn how to use Skype…and convince Erin to do the same.  She keeps telling me about the boys’ new tricks and I want to see them! 
  • Jog a 5k.  Erin forced me into it.  She sent me a plan for “couch to 5k in 2 months” and then signed us up for a 5k for the end of May.  I figured that I should make this goal known publicly because I will need the extra accountability 🙂

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