“An image came to me of a huge river. The river was the love and grace of God. It was deep and wide, and it was flowing, so there was no way you could ever use it up. And the banks of the river were full of people who were thirsty. In that image I saw myself running down to the river, filling up cups with water, and then running back to shore to give the cups to people who were thirsty. That was my job, but I knew it wasn’t working. I was just getting tired. And the thirsty people were still thirsty no matter how fast I ran back and forth to the river. However, I resisted the idea that something was wrong. I even had a little argument with God, in which I insisted that those people were going to die of thirst if someone didn’t take them some water. It was then that I had a revelation: If I waded out into the water and started drinking because I was thirsty, then people who wanted to drink would see that and know where to get water themselves. Of course, it is so obvious now that it seems silly to say it, but it was a completely radical concept to me. You mean I was just supposed to drink, myself? To get my own need for spiritual refreshment filled?”

I heard this a few months ago and I felt as though it was such a clear picture of me.  I often feel as though I need to fix or save…to a fault.  Because, so often when I’m in my “saving/fixing” mode, I’m neglecting my own great need for fixing and ignoring that fact that its not me that’s even CAPABLE of doing the fixing . 

I love the line “You mean I was just supposed to drink, myself?”  Such a novel idea.  This year I made one resolution…and that is to drink.

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  1. I pray that God will fill you up and overflowing. People will notice how satisfied you are and will
    want to know where to get such peace. People are so busy facebooking and looking for entertainment that they become dehydrated. The Apostle Paul says, we should be being kept filled. The Holy Spirit quenches our thirst. Drink up! My precious daughter.

  2. Thanks for this word of practical encouragement. I have often felt the same way myself, that I need to somehow get into people’s heads and figure out what they need. Meanwhile my own needs have gone unaddressed. I believe that 2012 is going to truly be the year when I will just “drink” and not stress out over everyone else.

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