A few holiday highlights


A small recap of December…

Shopping “Black Friday” with Mom and Erin.  Its a holiday highlight.  We like to brag that we do it the “right way.”  We avoid all the cliches…no getting up at the crack of dawn, no waiting in long lines.  We just like to be out and about when the Christmas season is new and exciting.  We passed one lady who had tied one arm of her sweater to her large shopping bag and was dragging it through the mall by the sweater’s other arm.  That’s dedication.

Listening to my Mom sing Christmas carols to her grandsons.  At one point “Frosty the Snowman” somehow turned into “Puff the Magic Dragon”  🙂

Meeting the 6 year old little girl that Erin and Lance are fostering.  She is such a joy!  And can I just say publicaly how good of a mom my sister is?!   Seriously, I’m so impressed by you Erin!

Our Staff Christmas Party.  I’ve been especially thankful for my church family and for my co-workers this year.  Our dinner was at an amazing home down the road from the church.  It reminded me of a lifesize version of the dollhouse that Erin and I had as kids (Joleen, if you’re reading this, please pass that on to Joe).  It was beautiful! 



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