October = Pumpkins


I ran errands with Lilia today and I had to laugh at myself when I got home and started unpacking my shopping bags.    Can you tell that I love Fall?

I didn’t realize the magnitude of my fall-ness until the end because I picked up a few things at each store.  We started at Michael’s because Lilia wanted to get some supplies for some hair accessories that she’s been making and I thought the hay bale would look cute on my porch with some fall decor.  Next was Trader Joe’s where it took me far too long to pick out the 2 large pumpkins on the left (I LOVE the white one!).  They were featuring Pumpkin Pancake Mix which took about 3 seconds to find its way into my cart.  Then, Food Maxx…I saw the little pumpkins and thought they would make cute “Fall” gifts for my co-workers but they would need something to go with them…a loaf of pumpkin bread?  Enter the large can of good ol’ Libby’s.

All this pumpkin/fall stuff today actually was making me miss my Mom.  She loves this season as much as I do and I wished we could be shopping & decorating & baking together.  When I got home and unloaded my stuff  (and took that silly picture 🙂 ) – Lilia brought in the mail and I received this…

I think I might go buy myself a pumpkin spice latte 🙂  Thanks Mom!  I miss you!

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