3 days


I think three day weekends are just right…1 day of rest, 1 day of church/friends/fellowship and 1 day of being out & about.  I could really get used to this, but I really shouldn’t considering that the next one doesn’t come until May.

When I went out to my car this morning, this is what I found

Oh how I hope it rains tonight!

Courtney and I went to check out “Munch Mondays” in Santa Rosa which is just a collection of food trucks from all over the area.  We decided to be adventurous and try dim sum.  The verdict: I am NOT a fan of dim sum.  Now I know. 


Of course we had to make up for our failed food choice by going to a different truck and getting Carne Asada Nacho Fries.  Completely delicious.


We went thrift store shopping and I found some treasures.  I’m not really a “do it yourself-er” but I have a few ideas for these items. 

Happy President’s Day!

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  1. I love Dim Sum! There is a place near Grami and Papa that is delicious. Don’t give up on it! It is great. It’s all in the taste of the sauce. Love you, Mama P.S Sorry for the bird art on your car:-)

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