Crazy Road Trip:  36 hours…Sebastopol to Simi Valley and back again

Particapants:  Ashley & Courtney

Sustenance:  Starbucks, sunflower seeds, spilled milk podcasts, radio theater dramatization of The Hiding Place and blow pops

Purpose: to surprise Erin at her “Blessing & Equipping Shower”

Erin and Lance are finishing up the process of becoming Foster parents with the intention of adopting a baby who is in need of a home.  They are in the final stages and appraoching their home study.  The church threw them a “Blessing & Equipping Shower” to help provide for their long list of needs for this process.  They were blessed with electrical outlet covers, a fire extinguisher, lock boxes, wrenches, first aid kits, etc. , all items they are required to have before a baby can be placed with them.

I told Erin that I just wasn’t able to take the time off work, so close to the holidays and all but I knew I coudn’t miss it.  Enter the 36 hour road trip.  It was insanely quick bot totally worth it!  Here are a few highlights:


I'm calling Erin from in front of her house. I told her I was on my lunch break and we chatted like normal 🙂

We snuck into the house and knocked on her bedroom door

Surprise! the towel on her head tells me she definitely wasn't expecting us!

Erin sharing her heart/convictions of why they decided to adopt

Decorations included some of our favorite childhood books


"...His name is the LORD. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families..."

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  1. I love this post…feel like I was there…Oh! I was there! So glad you came. I know Erin loved having you and Courtney. I really enjoyed spending some brief time with Court. Love, Mom

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