I read a quote the other day that I hope will define my 2011…”Good intentions are nothing without discipline.”  Reading this was almost physically painful, like a slap in the face…but in a good way.

I am the QUEEN of good intentions.  I may have mentioned (several times) that I love making lists, I love planning & dreaming but I generally don’t exercise the discipline that it takes to actually accomplish my lists, plans and dreams.  Which ultimately leads to severe frustration and discontentment in my life. 

This quote came from Amy Perry’s blog (from the group Selah). She was specifically talking about her goals for her diet and her spiritual life, but I am applying it to my health & spiritual goals as well as the goals that I have creatively, financially, goals for my relationships and ministry, etc, etc, etc.  She says “I was thinking, ‘how many goals have a let be interrupted by laziness?  How many times have I said I’m going to _____ more this week.’  What is my goal and what is interrupting it; TV? Facebook? Blogging?  Hanging out with friends? Sleeping in?  So I’m focusing on removing the roadblocks that have interrupted my goals.”

I am echoing Amy in stating that my New Year’s Resolution is to remove the road blocks that are interrupting my goals.  Here goes.


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  1. Ashley,

    Happy New Year 2011!

    Thanks for sharing the quote. I know I need to have more discipline, too. You put it very nicely.

    We are praying for your uncle’s recovery. Have peace knowing God is in control.

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