San Fran


In the last few weeks I’ve spent a bit of time in San Francisco (or “the City” as folks around these parts refer to it). 

The first trip, a 10K walk/run through Chinatown.  My friend and co-worker Christy and I have shared a desire to lead more active lives (as in being active outside of the gym) and awhile back she introduced me (through stories) to her friend Kathy who is an avid runner.  Kathy & Christy’s 13 year old daughters are best friends.  Kathy, only in her 40’s, had been fighting cancer for 10 years and continued to run until shortly before she passed away.  She used running as a metaphor for her life, using Hebrews 12:1&2 as her life verse  “…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles . and let us run with perseverance  the race marked out for us .  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…”

I never had the privilege of meeting her but was still greatly inspired by the life that she led.  Several of Kathy’s friends and family members decided to run a race in her honor the day after her memorial service.  Christy asked me if I would do it with her, to which I promptly said,”…um, I’d be more than happy to WALK it with you.”  I had the best time!  It was the Chinese New Year Race: The Year of the Tiger.   A  5K loop was set up through Chinatown and the Embarcadero, so you walked it once for the 5K and if you were completing the 10K, you walked the loop a second time.  Well, after all the runners passed us by we walked the first loop with a pretty good sized group of walkers. But  apparently all the walkers were only walking 5K and we ended up literally walking the whole second loop by ourselves!  We’re talking lanes of traffic blocked off, policemen directing traffic around us, volunteers cheering us on as we walked, all for just the two of us 🙂  

There was a photographer who posted pictures for purchase on the website and there are a few photos that I loved.  There’s one of the starting line up of all the runners under the Chinese lanterns, but I refused to pay $10 for a 4×6 print!  So, this is all I have, taken from Christy’s phone…



My next trip to San Fran was last weekend with the girls.  Danielle, Chad and their boys are moving to Montana in a few weeks where Chad is going to be a Youth Pastor.  I don’t even want to acknowledge that yet; I’ve pretty much been living in denial about the whole thing.  BUT we did use their moving as an excuse to have a girl’s weekend in the city.  We stayed in a 4 star hotel in Union Square (complete with doorman), went out to a fancy restaurant and paid WAY too much for dessert and just had fun together. 

Saturday we went to the Ferry Building for the farmer’s market which is by far the biggest and best farmer’s market I’ve ever been to.  Hundreds of the best vendors, music, and not too mention the ocean in the background!  I could have easily spent my entire grocery budget on veggies, cheese, bread and flowers but I walked away with only one purchase, a loaf of rosemary & meyer lemon sourdough bread.      

We had such a good time being together; I was once again reminded of how blessed I am to have such wonderful friendships!


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  1. I am just catching up on your blog. San Francisco looks like a blast. My mom and I are running/walking the disneyland 5k in september and Elinor is doing the 100 meter dash. You should join us. It comes complete with disney characters slapping you five!!!

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