I love the promise of a new year.  As much as I LOVE the holiday season, I’m always a little relieved when it’s behind me.  I feel so optimistic at the beginning of the year, as though the possibilities are endless.

I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family over Christmas.  I had a bit of the blues this December; really missing my Dad and the holiday traditions that I am so used to and being with the fam is just what I needed!

Several of my friends were in Simi Valley visiting their families for Christmas and we were able to get together for coffee.  We hadn’t all been together in years!  Heidi’s in South Carolina, Annika’s in Seattle, Cierra & I in Northern California.  It was fun to be together.  We were talking about our TEN year High School reunion coming up this year which is seriously frightening.



For as long as I can remember, if we were in Simi on Christmas day, we would have Christmas dinner with the Inmans.  And every year, I know I am guaranteed a few things:  the famous strawberry jello salad, peanut butter bon-bons and the taking of a group picture.  Someday I would love to see the 20+ years worth of Christmas group pictures of our families.  We had a few camera/timer issues and these pictures make me laugh.



ahh, there we go

I’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions.  I try to make small resolutions so I actually have a chance of keeping them.  You know how it is.  So this year, I want to buy flowers  for my apartment on a regular basis, be more thoughtful and send notes more often, read at least one book per month and have people over more (to name a few).  So far, so good.  I have yellow mums in my bedroom and on my kitchen table, I’ve written a few notes to people that I was thinking about and I had friends over for dinner last night. 

Courtney brought a new game over called Quelf.  Heard of it?  It’s insane!  It takes random to a whole new level!  I could never adequately explain it, you’ll just have to play it sometime, preferable with a group of people that you don’t mind making a complete fool of yourself in front of.  For example, on my first turn, I had to go into the bathroom, splash water on my face and come out and sing a song about “Sailing.”  Yeah.

Happy New Year!

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