Catching Up


I found quite a few pictures on my camera that I had forgotten about and since winter doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, I feel like it’s acceptable to still be talking about fall. So, here’s what I was up to this fall.  

My cousins Anna & Shelly and their families were camping out at the coast back in October and Aunt Debbie, Uncle Ryan, Grandma and I went out to visit them for the afternoon.   

Anna's youngest, Tyler


Anna & Uncle Ryan flying Wyatt's kite


Wyatt's telling Shelly about his kite 🙂


Shelly, Livia, Me, Grandma


My mom had Hip Replacement Surgery in November and I was able to spend a little over a week with her post-surgery and into Thanksgiving.  She sent out an email to family and friends letting them know of the surgery (a standard surgery but still a very BIG deal!) and here is some of what she wrote…  

I pray for peace and courage as I take this journey without my beloved Glen by my side.   What a gift he was to me.   Now I lean totally and completely on God for each step I take.  In our suffering the Holy Spirit works deep within our soul.  When we are in this condition we surrender our entire being under the hand of God.    Ps. 61:4 says, “I will take refuge in the shelter of your wings”.   

Thanks Mom for an excellent reminder of our how frail we really are but how strong our God is!  

We had a really nice Thanksgiving dinner at Erin & Lance’s house with Kathryn and Nattie and Erin’s two new adorable puppies, Selah & Shiloh.  

I gave Erin my camera to take a (as in ONE) picture of me and one of the puppies and this is what happened…  








I discovered cranberries this holiday season.  I never cared for them in the past, but I made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner and Cranberry Lemon Scones for breakfast that morning.  So good!


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