My friend, Amy, started her own businessmaking Cake Truffles.  They are A. mazing.  I would attempt to describe the “cake truffle” to you but I just wouldn’t do it justice.  Instead, I’ll point you to her website (we obviously have similar taste. Note the background of her website).  If nothing else, please at least read the flavor descriptions and be prepared to drool a little.
She is a follower of (which I have since read and think is hilarious). They just published a book and were having a book signing in Petaluma and she offered to provide some of her cake truffles for the event.  Kat and I went to offer support…and maybe to do a little sampling. 
We found out that Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes will be a special guest on the next leg of the book tour.  Shucks.



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  1. So….do you think you could bring some cake balls home with you? I’d like to try one of each but if I have to choose: honey, chocolate suede, white and red velvet, and buster brown are my priorites. Oh-and I’d like them in the shape of a teapot.

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