Last weekend I drove to Visalia to spend time with my cousins Kristi & Zach and their kids Ashlyn, Grayson & Raegan.  Upon arrival, Ashlyn gave me the full tour of their new house and then the girls and I went shopping.  Although I found some REALLY cute shoes, I think Raegan (18 months) enjoyed shopping the most.  She examined all the merchandise that she could reach and never let go of her purse  🙂

Raegan Shopping


On Sunday Zach & Kristi were baptized.  Once a year, their church has a special baptism service out at Lake Kaweah and in addition to Kristi & Zach, about 20 other people were baptized!  It was amazing to hear their testimonies; to hear about how God has worked in each of their lives in drastically different ways but all to draw each person to Himself.  Such a good day!






And here’s a picture of the kids and I on our way to church.  The only time I could get a picture with all of them was when they were strapped in their car seats 🙂



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