100 years!


This past weekend, our church celebrated its 100th Birthday! 

On Saturday, we had a BBQ & concert at the church and on Sunday there was a huge church service at the Wells Fargo Center with about 1200 people.  An amazing time of praising God for His faithfulness to the church over the last 100 years and a charge for us to move into this next 100 years with conviction of the gospel and courage to bring it to the world. 

The highlights of my weekend:

• Cyprian & Margaret Masembe are visiting from Uganda.  They are some of the missionaries that I had the privilege of serving alongside when I went to Uganda in February.  We had a mini reunion (half of our team) on Friday night and had a great time together looking at pictures and talking about our next trip.

Hessel Centennial

• Saturday morning, I went to a breakfast for missionaries that Hessel supports.  There were about 60 people, including current missionaries from Japan, Uganda, Mexico, Slovenia, and all parts of the US, retired missionaries including the first couple that Hessel committed to support financially, and then some who are preparing to go into the mission field in the near future.   Andy was able to “skype” several missionaries over the course of the morning from Uganda, Morocco, Argentina, Guam & Florida.


the Jones family in Morocco


Guatemala, Rwada - via Starbucks :) and Mexico

international breakfast beverages: Guatemala, Rwanda - via Starbucks 🙂 and Mexico

 • The following picture is of Mary Jo Miller (she’s second from the right).  She was honored for her faithfulness in teaching the 2 & 3 year old Sunday School class for FORTY YEARS!  Isn’t that inspiring? 


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